The battle – a lesson in life



The battle – a lesson in life


You chose to appear in my life, why I’ll never know

Blissfully unaware you continued to grow

A disease so cruel there once was no cure

How you got there, I’ll never be sure

You turned my world upside down, brought a whirlwind of pain

Yet of all the heartache and tears so much I have gained

You taught me unconditional love of family and friends

Who’d stand by my side until the bitter end

You taught me to fight for what was already mine

The ultimate battle, the prize more time

I shed my last tear brought on by your fear

We continued to fight for over a year

I wear you scars with pride, no reason to hide

Yet these just scratch the surface, of the ones deep inside

Sometimes I got lost and searched deep to find

A strength inside me to keep a positive mind

My choices were my power with medicine too

A deadly combination my strength grew and grew

I persisted and prayed

Your poison I slayed

And through sheer grit and strength

You crumbled at my defence

In just over a year

You’re no longer here


Those words I’d long to hear,

“I’ve been given the all clear”

It’s a true miracle for sure

To be given a cure


One I’ll hold dear

For those no longer here

See that ultimate prize

Has opened my eyes

To the beauty in life

Even in modern day strife

I can feel the air in my lungs and the breeze on my face

Cherish those moments of laughter and every embrace

For my prize is invaluable no money can buy

And we can all gain a little if only we try

I’ll continue my message and to be grateful for each day

As you just never know when it could be taken away


R Cummings

  24th September 2018

A cancer survivor


  1. Lindsey Devlin
    24/09/2018 / 19:36

    AMAZING wow I have no words xx except well done lady x

  2. Chrisi
    24/09/2018 / 19:56

    Boom… Oh Rach, seriously this is beautiful xx I’m literally in tatters here haha you have a way with words, this sums you up xx so happy for you! Your an inspiration xx big hugs xx love lots xx

  3. Becky
    24/09/2018 / 20:04

    This is amazing and you are amazing Rachel! You are an inspiration and have been such a little trooper throughout! Getting the all clear is the best news ever. Sending you hugs, pats and high fives for beating this xxxx

  4. Sandra
    24/09/2018 / 21:27

    Just WOW Rach. Totally totally amazing. You are x x x

  5. Nic
    24/09/2018 / 21:28

    So beautiful put! From such an inspirational lady xx

  6. Emma turner
    25/09/2018 / 06:02

    This is amazing news soooooo happy for u Hunni xx a true fighter so strong and inspirational xx

  7. Hayley
    25/09/2018 / 06:18

    Beautiful words Rachel, so very happy for you xx

  8. Jennifer Sumner
    25/09/2018 / 06:29

    Are there no end to your talents Rach? Blogger Poet and ultimate Warrior princess to name a few!!
    Your an inspiration ?

  9. Peter Bates
    25/09/2018 / 09:33

    Fantastic news Rachel. So happy for you all; how you’ve stayed sonpositive during your fight has been awe inspiring. Love n best wishes to you all xx

  10. Amy Banks
    25/09/2018 / 11:27

    Great news, I’m so pleased for you x

  11. Cathy
    25/09/2018 / 15:37

    Such a beautiful poem Rach – even though it’s had me in tears – a true fighter and yes most definitely a survivor xx big hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Linda and Dave
    25/09/2018 / 17:10

    Wonderful news Rachel, you have been incredible throughout all of this.
    A true inspiration, a brave warrior an extremely talented poet & blogger!
    We are so happy for you and all your family and friends xx Much love xx

  13. Hannah
    25/09/2018 / 18:08

    Fantastic poem Rach. Amazing news. Extremely happy for you and all the family! Xxx

  14. Jeanette Kenyon
    25/09/2018 / 19:32

    Wow…such an amazing, powerful poem…no end to your talents…you had me in tears. What a blooming fighter…you certainly have kicked its butt!!!…I’m so so proud of you and so relieved and delighted…miracles really do happen. Love you loads xxx

  15. bill
    26/09/2018 / 09:57

    What a beautiful verse which sums up your approach to dealing with this horrible disease, hopefully it will inspire others,keep doing what you are doing.
    Love Mum& Dad xxxx

    28/09/2018 / 06:15

    Great news. Great poem. So happy for you xx

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